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How can I upload videos?

You need an account with a validated email.
You can upload your video from ''My Content'' tab in the account area.
Video file can be uploaded either from your computer, or from a direct URL to the video (link should end in .mp4 etc).
You have to fill out all fields and check that you agree with Terms of service and the Privacy policy terms.
You should read and understand them too.

Section: Upload videos

My upload fails at 99%, what can I do?

If your upload fails near the end (generally at 99%), go to the 'my videos' page, there at the top you should see a link to re-submit this video to our system without having to upload it again.

Section: Upload videos

My video has an encoding error, what should I do?

We will attempt to encode your video again several times automatically. After that, if you still see this error message, please convert your video(s) to a more conventional format and try to upload them again.

Section: Upload videos

How can I edit a video?

You can see all your uploaded videos under ''My Content'' tab in your account area.
Here you can edit video to change its category, title, description, tags and translations.

Section: Manage content

How can I delete one or more of my uploaded videos?

In your account dashboard area go to the ''My Content'' tab and select "Delete videos". Please keep in mind that deleted videos can not be recovered and we do not allow re-uploading of deleted content.

Section: Manage content

Which video format is best to use for uploading?

MP4 (H264, AAC) - try to avoid exotic codecs or very recent ones. A high resolution and high bitrate is always better. We do not recommend you to upload flv format.

Section: Upload videos

Can I disable comments under my videos?

"Yes, in your account dashboard area go to the ''My Content'' tab and select ""My uploaded videos"".
Find a video and click ""Edit"" then choose where people can comment on your video or disable it fully."

Section: Manage content

Why can't I see my published videos?

Newly uploaded and released videos appear on your account around 1 hour after the encoding is complete and after 3 days they appear in categories and search results.
However you can see your videos immediately in your account dashboard after clicking on ""My uploaded videos"" under the ''My Content'' tab.

Section: Upload videos

How can I choose the thumbnail for my videos?

In your account dashboard area go to the ''My Content'' tab and select "My uploaded videos". Find a video and click "Change Thumbnail".
Currently it is not possible to upload a custom thumbnail.

Section: Manage content

Why can't I delete my videos?

When you delete your videos it takes 30 to 60 min to have your video removed. If it takes longer than one hour, please create a support ticket.

Section: Manage content

Why are my videos pending release?

By default one video is published per day.
To change it, go to your account dashboard, click on the "My content" tab and then "My uploaded videos"
There you can choose a "Release rate" that matches the frequency of publishing you wish to achieve.

Section: Upload videos

How much do you charge to view videos?

The content on is available for free. However if you would like to support the uploaders and experience their premium content you can purchase a premium membership at XVideos.RED.

Section: Browse the site

How can I prevent my children from accessing XVideos?

Read our section on "Parental Control"

Section: Browse the site

How can I easily locate videos that I liked?

Your "liked" videos can be found by selecting "Videos I like" after clicking the Account button in the top right corner.

Section: Browse the site

How can I access my subscriptions?

You can see all profiles you are subscribed to under ''My subscriptions'' on Social tab of your account.
Latest videos from your favourite models and recently uploaded videos from channels you are subscribed to can be easily accessed from ''My subscriptions'' under the Account button in the top right corner of the page.
If you want to see recent activity of your friends and channels you are subscribed to (uploaded videos, new photos and favourites), you can find it under ''Activities'' on Social tab of your account.

Section: Browse the site

How can I save a video to my playlist?

Select “Save” under the video you would like to save and choose "Watch later" or add it in any other playlist you create.

Section: My playlists

Why are my playlists gone?

It could be that you have two or more accounts and you are logged into the wrong account.
Also deleted videos are automatically removed from playlists.

Section: My playlists

Where can I find Gay and Trans videos?

Click the "site's settings" in the top right corner of the page (gear icon) and select Gay or Trans category. Please note that you must use the search from these categories (or related subpages) to see gay and trans content in the results.

Section: Browse the site

I saw a video that doesn't work!

Unfortunately, given the large quantity of videos on our site, there may be some instances where certain videos TEMPORARILY do not work. Typically the problem will be a "This video will be available soon" message or the video will load only a small portion of its length. Once again these problems are only temporary. If you were able to access a certain video page that means it is still in the database and will be fixed. If you notice a video that doesn't work for a longer period of time feel free to contact us.

Section: Browse the site

How can I report inappropriate videos such as underage/rape/bestiality/scat and others?

We continuously monitor the site but if you see something that does not look right, please do use our reporting tools. Under each video on the far right you will see 3 dots. Click this to open up the menu and then report it. Fill out the information and submit it to us.

Section: Report content

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account go to your account dashboard, click the "account" tab and select "delete my account and personal data", or click here.
Please note it's permanent and there is no option to recover.

Section: My account

How can I change my password?

Go to your account dashboard, click the "account" tab and under "account management" go to ''account security''.

Section: My account

How can I change my email address?

Go to your account dashboard, click the "account" tab, under "account management" go to ''change/validate email''.

Section: My account

Can I change my username?

User name can not be changed at this point.

Section: My account

How do I cancel XVideos RED?

You can cancel your membership by clicking the Account tab and "Cancel subscription" in your account area. The direct link when logged in is here

Section: Xvideos RED

Why have I been charged for 7 day free trial of XVideos RED?

It is not a charge but a pre-authorization to make sure you have the funds for the transaction if you decide to go beyond the free trial to a monthly membership.

The monthly subscription is $9.99 and so this is put on hold and will be removed if the trial is canceled. If the trial is not canceled after 7 days it will be processed and you will have 30 day access to XVideos RED.

Section: Xvideos RED

Why my chat doesn't work?

It might be due to few factors if your chat doesn't work.
-Check that your Adblock is turned off completely.
-If you are using VPN/PROXY you need to verify your account or subscribe to XVideos RED to be able to use chat.
Please, let us know if you did all the above and your chat still doesn't work.

Section: My account

Why is my mini chat disabled or disappeared fully?

You can re-enable mini chat again by clicking on the cogwheel here and selecting "Enable mini chat" in the roll down menu.

Section: My account

What is 2FA?

2FA is “two factor authentication” meaning that you will use your normal password for a log in and if you enable the 2FA you will receive a confirmation code in your authenticator app to log in to your account, making your account more secure.
To enable the 2FA when logged in go to your account dashboard "account" tab, under "account management" click on ''account security'', or click here
This feature is not obligatory but we suggest to use it for enhanced security.

Section: My account

What is the difference between channel / model / Premium (Red) / verified / regular account?

These are different types of accounts dependent on the level of engagement you have with XVideos. You can see the benefits of each account type here.

Section: My account

How can I reset my password?

You can recover it here.
After inputting your email address of your profile, you will receive an email with a link to create a new password. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it. If you do not receive the email please contact from the email associated with your profile.

Section: My account

Someone uploaded my video, how can I remove it?

You can submit your request here.
The videos in question will be blocked and if we don't hear from the uploader they will be removed.
Name, City and Country are forwarded to the uploader in the case of a Copyright takedown.

Section: Report content

How can I import the XVideos database to my tube script?

You can download our entire database here.

Section: Browse the site

How can I keep track of the deleted videos?

By using this special RSS feed of deleted videos.

Section: Browse the site

I want to exchange links / trade traffic with XVideos.

We do not exhange links or trade traffic but you are totally free to link to our pages.

Section: Browse the site

How can I turn on/off my email notifications?

Go to your account dashboard, click the "Account" tab and select "Change/validate email" in the account management section. There you can setup your notification preferences and options for our news, updates and special offers.

Section: My account

Can I earn money with my video uploads?

Yes, you must have a channel account and be subscribed to the Content Partner Program. Our content partner program is only open to content owners and content creators.

Section: Channels

Can my verification video be hidden or deleted?

Your verification video can not be hidden or set to private.
If you don't like your current verification video and want to record a new one that you would be happy with having public, we can delete old video for you and reset it so you can re-verify.
You will not have verification benefits until you re-verify.

Section: Manage content

How can I get my video featured on the Home page?

All videos uploaded to the Free area are eventually featured on the home page. Your video starts at the bottom of the page and will climb higher depending on its popularity with viewers.

Popularity will also affect how long the video stays on a home page, how often your channel is featured and how many regional home pages it will be displayed on.

Section: Channels

Can my RED videos be published on other platforms?

Your RED uploads do not have to be exclusive to XVideos and can be published on other sites for additional monetization. However we do encourage you to have some exclusive RED content as well to help boost the engagement of your channel.

Section: Xvideos RED

Who can have a channel on XVideos?

You have to be a content creator or owner of unique content.
Your videos should be of decent quality.

Section: Channels

What is the Channel system?

Channels are upgraded profiles that are eligible for the Content Partner Program. These Channels have the opportunity to upload content for monetization and are also ranked within the XVideos system according to account status and country. Channels can choose to upload to the Free area or to our RED member paysite and monetize their content with multiple options.

Section: Channels

How do I become a model on XVideos Cams?

Anyone around the world can enjoy a fun, sexy career and make money online. All you need is internet connection, a webcam and love of flirting and socializing. Visit XVideos cams registration here to find out more.

Section: Models

Are there any penalties for channels that delete RED videos?

Channels can delete 3 videos per month. However views and earning trackers will be deleted with videos which means unclaimed earnings from those videos will also be lost and you may lose some ranking on your channel.

Section: Xvideos RED

How can I track the performance/ranking of my channel?

On your dashboard click on the "My Content" tab - then click on "Global Statistics".

Section: Manage content

What influences the ranking of a channel?

The subscriber count is the main influence.
If you are gaining a lot of subscribers in short amount of time, you may jump a bit in the ranking.

Section: My Profile

Why don't views on my video match views in global statistics?

Video views are shown in your account dashboard under "Global statistics" and/or "My uploaded videos". Those are "unique" views of your videos on XVideos and XNXX if you have selected XVideos + Network while uploading. Unique views are filtered with our systems to give a fair environment to our content partners.
It's important to note that these views differ from views on the actual video page.There we show "RAW" views, which will be greater than unique views as they have not been filtered yet.

Section: Manage content

How can I advertise my site/store/social media?

On your dashboard open the tab 'My Content' - then click on
'My Promotional Links' to see your existing links or
'Request a new promotional link' to request a new one.
Keep in mind that we no longer allow promotion of competing sites.

We also encourage you to promote your site in our network through the Traffic Factory platform - self service Ad Network for Xvideos.

Section: Channels

How much money can I earn with your AdShare program?

The ad revenue on your videos varies and depends on different factors such as the competition for advertising in the countries your content is displayed in and how much advertisers are paying for every 1000 views of their ads.

This means the price per 1000 views for the ads will vary according to the geo/adspot/device and competition, plus how many times this ad will be displayed on your video page. This makes it nearly impossible to predict an average rate per 1000 views based on advertising.

While revenue from ads is a nice bonus, don't forget that your main focus should be getting eyes on your brand and attracting new fans to your official website where you keep 100% of the money generated.

Section: Ads revenue sharing

What monetization options do you offer?

For Free video uploads, we offer Adshare monetization and for Premium videos we offer Revshare with 3 available monetization options.


This revenue comes from the advertisers who display ads on your Free area video pages. The advertising revenue varies from country to country and greatly depends on how many views your video page receives, as well as the ad that was shown to the viewer and how much the advertiser paid for the ad.

To qualify for Adshare revenue the length of videos must be 10min+ when coming from studio channels and 5min+ when coming from an independent model.


Premium ( RED )
This option is for publishing premium full-length videos on Xvideos RED. It is our paid membership sector where you can showcase a portion of your full membership offer for Xvideos Paying users. The payment system here is based on membership fees. It is a 50% revenue share with our RED channels. 50% is split amongst the channels the member views during the membership to RED. It is a good idea to have regular updates to keep your RED channel subscribers coming back to entice them further into buying your full membership. For more information on this program, click here.

This option enables you to create a unique membership offer with a monthly membership to access only your content. Your membership offer must be competitive with any other membership offer you have on the Internet. The price and amount of content available must match or be better than other offers out there. Once you enable this feature and users join, you have an obligation to honor the membership agreement, and update your membership content regularly, as with any membership site, the members expect updates.

Direct Purchase
This option enables you to sell your videos individually and its a good idea to have all of your Premium Paid content available as Direct Purchase for those customers who prefer to support you and buy your content this way. Once you sell a video it will be unlocked permanently for the buyer even if you remove the video at a later date.

Section: Channels

Are there any special documents required to monetize Premium videos?

Due to new regulations the owner of the account must provide a copy of their official ID card or passport. If you are a couple or small operation, we need a document for each person shown in your content. If you operate a larger studio you have to be able to provide, upon request, a proof of age and consent from any of your models.

Section: Channels

Can I choose more than one monetization option for my premium videos?

Yes, you can utilize all 3 options.

Section: Manage content

Can I add/change monetization option to my previously uploaded RED videos?

Yes, you can.
To do this in your account dashboard, click the "My content" tab and under "My videos", click "My uploaded videos". Here you can edit any video and add an additional monetization option.

Section: Manage content

Will purchasers of my premium videos always have access to them?

Yes. Once a user purchases your video, they will continue to have access even if you have deleted the videos from the system.

Section: Direct purchase

Can I block my content for certain countries?

Yes, you can block your videos from being shown in up to 10 countries. You can choose the countries while uploading your video or in the video edit section.
You can also hide your entire channel - in your "Privacy settings" under the "Account" tab.

Section: Manage content