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How can I upload videos?

You need an account with a validated email.
You can upload your video from ''My Content'' tab in the account area.
Video file can be uploaded either from your computer, or from a direct URL to the video (link should end in .mp4 etc).
You have to fill out all fields and check that you agree with Terms of service and the Privacy policy terms.
You should read and understand them too.

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My upload fails at 99%, what can I do?

If your upload fails near the end (generally at 99%), go to the 'my videos' page, there at the top you should see a link to re-submit this video to our system without having to upload it again.

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My video has an encoding error, what should I do?

We will attempt to encode your video again several times automatically. After that, if you still see this error message, please convert your video(s) to a more conventional format and try to upload them again.

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Which video format is best to use for uploading?

MP4 (H264, AAC) - try to avoid exotic codecs or very recent ones. A high resolution and high bitrate is always better. We do not recommend you to upload flv format.

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Why are my videos pending release?

By default one video is published per day.
To change it, go to your account dashboard, click on the "My content" tab and then "My uploaded videos"
There you can choose a "Release rate" that matches the frequency of publishing you wish to achieve.

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Why can't I see my published videos?

Newly uploaded and released videos appear on your account around 1 hour after the encoding is complete and after 3 days they appear in categories and search results.
However you can see your videos immediately in your account dashboard after clicking on ""My uploaded videos"" under the ''My Content'' tab.

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