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How can I advertise my site/store/social media?

On your dashboard open the tab 'My Content' - then click on
'My Promotional Links' to see your existing links or
'Request a new promotional link' to request a new one.
Keep in mind that we no longer allow promotion of competing sites.

We also encourage you to promote your site in our network through the Traffic Factory platform - self service Ad Network for Xvideos.

Audience: Content creators

What is the Channel system?

Channels are upgraded profiles that are eligible for the Content Partner Program. These Channels have the opportunity to upload content for monetization and are also ranked within the XVideos system according to account status and country.

Audience: Content creators

Who can have a channel on XVideos?

You have to be a content creator or owner of unique content.
Your videos should be of decent quality.

Audience: Content creators