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Are there any penalties for channels that delete RED videos?

Channels can delete 3 videos per month. However views and earning trackers will be deleted with videos which means unclaimed earnings from those videos will also be lost and you may lose some ranking on your channel.

Audience: Content creators

Can my RED videos be published on other platforms?

Your RED uploads do not have to be exclusive to XVideos and can be published on other sites for additional monetization. However we do encourage you to have some exclusive RED content as well to help boost the engagement of your channel.

Audience: Content creators

How do I cancel XVideos RED?

You can cancel your membership by clicking the Account tab and "Cancel subscription" in your account area. The direct link when logged in is here

Audience: Everyone

Why have I been charged for 7 day free trial of XVideos RED?

It is not a charge but a pre-authorization to make sure you have the funds for the transaction if you decide to go beyond the free trial to a monthly membership.

The monthly subscription is $9.99 and so this is put on hold and will be removed if the trial is canceled. If the trial is not canceled after 7 days it will be processed and you will have 30 day access to XVideos RED.

Audience: Everyone