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What monetization options do you offer?

For Free video uploads, we offer Adshare monetization and for Premium videos we offer Revshare with 3 available monetization options.


This revenue comes from the advertisers who display ads on your Free area video pages. The advertising revenue varies from country to country and greatly depends on how many views your video page receives, as well as the ad that was shown to the viewer and how much the advertiser paid for the ad.

To qualify for Adshare revenue the length of videos must be 10min+ when coming from studio channels and 5min+ when coming from an independent model.


Premium ( RED )
This option is for publishing premium full-length videos on Xvideos RED. It is our paid membership sector where you can showcase a portion of your full membership offer for Xvideos Paying users. The payment system here is based on membership fees. It is a 50% revenue share with our RED channels. 50% is split amongst the channels the member views during the membership to RED. It is a good idea to have regular updates to keep your RED channel subscribers coming back to entice them further into buying your full membership. For more information on this program, click here.

This option enables you to create a unique membership offer with a monthly membership to access only your content. Your membership offer must be competitive with any other membership offer you have on the Internet. The price and amount of content available must match or be better than other offers out there. Once you enable this feature and users join, you have an obligation to honor the membership agreement, and update your membership content regularly, as with any membership site, the members expect updates.

Direct Purchase
This option enables you to sell your videos individually and its a good idea to have all of your Premium Paid content available as Direct Purchase for those customers who prefer to support you and buy your content this way. Once you sell a video it will be unlocked permanently for the buyer even if you remove the video at a later date.

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