You can be paid for your uploads and make a living from it. We pay millions of dollars every year to thousands of content partners.


Our content partner program is only open to content owners and content creators. If you are stealing content, please don't bother. We will verify. You must also be the exclusive owner of the videos you upload. We do not have a program for (non-exclusive) licensed content at the moment. However licensed content is fine if you are the only person uploading it on XVIDEOS.


  1. Create an XVIDEOS account : click here.
  2. Upload some videos that you own or made : click here.
  3. If you are a MODEL or simply the person in most of the videos, verify your identity with an XVIDEOS sign : click here.
  4. Apply for a CHANNEL : click here.
  5. Apply to the content partner program : click here.

Steps 3 and 4 will reward you with various benefits.


Last but not least, being a channel on XVIDEOS means you can promote your brand through various ads and links. For the best studios out there, this is much more valuable than monetization coming from us. We will be improving this part in the near future, by allowing you to run your own banners on your own video pages, and also give you opportunities to have your ads displayed on other pages.